Monday, June 8, 2015

a kaleidoscope of colors in her mind ✿

Happy Monday, lovelies! My outfit today will be available at a new event called Color Me Cute from {ugly duckling} on the 15th! It's two separate pieces, a cropped top and a maxi skirt. Both have really pretty detailed lace and come in other colors to mix and match. My 'mazing mommy told me about my lovely headband from Glam Affair because we love wearing cute flowers in our hair! Last, but not least, is my adorable little kiwi friend. They move and walk with you and are so so cute; I had only planned on getting one, but I had to go back and grab more. They can also be held in your hand, sit on your shoulder, or be rezzed to wander around.
ʚTop {ud} Nubuck Top [waffle] @ Color Me Cute
ʚSkirt {ud} Bohemian Skirt [strawberry] @ Color Me Cute
ʚHeadband Glam Affair - Romantic Flowers 1 @ Uber
ʚHair ""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi3" 
ʚFlowers ~Dream. Roses 
ʚKiwi Bird Schadenfreude Kiwi Fruit @ The Arcade

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