Wednesday, May 6, 2015

messy hair. don't care. ✿

Good morning! I think we are all allowed at least one messy hair day per week, right? I'm embracing my messy hair this morning in my super cute, comfy, big t-shirt from Lazy Unicorn
ʚShirt - [LU] Lazy Sweater - 1
ʚSocks Little Closet - Coal BunBun Socks 
ʚHair AD - mash - dark browns
ʚBandaids jk: Ouchies & Oopsies - TD - Ton Of Random Bandaids
ʚPacifier - jk: Cute Paci's Gatcha - MUTE BUTTON
ʚBed floorplan. naptime daybed 
ʚSign - [Brixley] Springtime Wooden Sign
ʚPlant [RI] Planter People (Plain White) @ Shiny Shabby
ʚSkunk - MishMish - Punky Skunk - With flower A

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