Friday, November 6, 2015

weasel parade ✿

Ohai! I found new little friends! These weasels are coming soon at Collabor88 from MishMish on the 8th. There is a holdable one with a color change sweater.There are four shades of fur, all are shown in the picture below except for the white winter weasel. Also new is my adorable jacket from Gimmick. It comes with a color change HUD to mix and match many different options for the jacket, sweater, and scarf!
 ʚJacket Gimmick* - Plaid Tweed Jacket
ʚSkirt {Glitter Outfitters}{Ruffle Skirt}{Prussian}
ʚShoes fri. - Cotton.Mary Janes (Fox)
ʚHair TRUTH HAIR Ximena -  browns
ʚWeasels MishMish - Weasel @ Collabor88

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