Monday, December 15, 2014

Let it snow ɞ

I just love the snow. Well I don't really like how cold it is, but it's so so beautiful and fun to play in! Bodhi and I decided to catch snowflakes this morning and little hammie was a bit lazy and made a snow angel instead. 
ʚJumper - ~Dream. Vintage Jumper Licorice
ʚTights - ~Cannibelle~ Damask Tights - Light @ Tales of Fantasy
ʚBoots AF Hugg Boots (Meow)
ʚScarf - .Atomic. {Gacha} Critter Comfort - White Bunny Scarf @ The Arcade
ʚMittens - .Atomic. {Gacha} Critter Comfort - White Bunny Mittens @ The Arcade
ʚEarmuffs - Noodles - Darling Ear Muffs @ Collabor88
ʚHair TRUTH HAIR Lala -  browns
ʚHammie - *MishMish* Snow Angel Hammie @ The Arcade

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